Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training for Managers, Supervisors and Leads

This class will inform you of the County Policies, your responsibilities under the law, the potential liability for the organization and for yourself as a manager, supervisor or lead or as someone within a job code that ALLOWS FOR managing, supervising, or leading whether or not you currently do have those duties. The training includes guidelines on how to respond to a notice or a complaint of sexual harassment/discrimination, steps to appropriately respond, how to prevent, recognize, and correct sexual harassment/discrimination. The primary duty of preventing and correcting sexual harassment and discrimination is the responsibility of managers, supervisors and leads. In accordance with California Government Code, Managers, Supervisors and leads are required to attend to Sexual Harassment Prevention Training every two years, and newly appointed managers, supervisors, and leads are required to take this class within 6 months of hire or appointment. The list of Job Codes that are required to attend this mandatory training every two years can be found HERE.

California state law AB 2053 has added an additional training obligation for employers covered under AB 1825 which requires training on prevention of sexual harassment for managers, supervisors and leads.  Effective January 1, 2015, employees required to comply with training on prevention of sexual harassment must now also receive training on the prevention of “abusive conduct.”

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Prevention for Non Supervisors

This interactive workshop will inform participants through lecture, audiovisual, materials, and group exercise as to what laws and policies say about sexual harassment, discrimination, and harassment, what "Zero Tolerance" means, which behaviors may constitute sexual harassment, discrimination, and harassment, how to report sexual harassment, discrimination, and harassment incidents, and provide participants practical skills to help stop offensive behavior which may lead to charges of sexual harassment, discrimination and harassment.

Reasonable Accommodation

This workshop will give managers working knowledge of the County’s Policy and Procedures for Reasonable Accommodation and the ability to effectively respond to employee’s accommodation requests. The workshop will provide participants with guidelines to identify essential functions, understand work restrictions, and determine the appropriate accommodation. One section of the course is devoted to the Interactive Process: essential communication between the employee and manager that facilitates the reasonable accommodation process. The workshop is interactive and includes case studies, completion of forms and open discussion.


Learning about differences is a lifelong process that begins with learning about us. This workshop is a facilitated process in which participants explore what divides us in our society and the process of conditioning that we all go through and how that affects us in dealing with each other. All participants must be on time for all Diversity Classes. Any participant arriving after the beginning of the class will need to register for a future class.

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