The Equal Opportunity Division’s mission is to assist the County Government in creating and managing a diverse organization where respect, empowerment, and inclusion are the way the County does business.


The County of Santa Clara will reflect a diverse, inclusive, and harmonious environment where each person is valued.

Our Services:

The Equal Opportunity Division (EOD) provides comprehensive services to the County organization in compliance with County policies and federal and state laws.  EOD administers a protected-class discrimination/harassment/retaliation complaint process for employees and applicants for employment; administers the County's Reasonable Accommodation Policy and procedures; and conducts training in the prevention of sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, as well as training regarding diversity and reasonable accommodation.  EOD also develops the County's Equal Employment Opportunity Plan and provides input regarding the Disadvantage Business Enterprise Program. 

EOD also provides Conflict Resolution Services (CRS) for County staff and departments.  Our purpose is to support the development of healthy conflict-resolution practices at individual, interpersonal, and institutional levels.  Through our program, we contribute to a harmonious work environment where staff can be happier, healthier, and more productive within their roles and as a team.  We offer training, facilitated conflict-resolution sessions, healing circles, staff coaching, management consulting, and ongoing engagements for departments experiencing high levels of interpersonal conflict and in need of longer-term assistance.  For more information or to request CRS services, contact [email protected].



1.         What is the relationship between the Equal Opportunity Division (EOD) and the Office of County Counsel?

On July 1, 2021, EOD transferred from the Office of the County Executive to the Office of the County Counsel (CCO).  Attorneys from CCO’s Equal Opportunity & Employment Investigations Team provide legal advice to EOD as when EOD was in the Office of the County Executive to ensure that EOD thoroughly, timely, fairly, and accurately determines whether a County employee, former employee, or third party has violated applicable County equal opportunity policies and to ensure that the County complies with its reasonable accommodation obligations.  If any policy violation is found, these attorneys work with EOD and the relevant department(s) to remedy the violation.

If an aggrieved employee files a lawsuit against the County or presents a government claim to the County, those matters are handled by a separate group of attorneys in CCO’s Civil Rights, Tort, and Employment Litigation Team, which defends the County in lawsuits against the County, its officials, and/or its employees.  The Assistant County Counsel overseeing CCO’s Civil Rights, Tort, and Employment Litigation Team is different than the Assistant County Counsel overseeing EOD.

2.         If I have a question or concern about an EOD investigation, who should I contact?

If there is a question or concern about an EOD investigation, please share that question or concern with the assigned investigator, an Equal Opportunity Supervisor, or the Equal Opportunity Director.  EOD’s contact information is available at https://equalopportunity.sccgov.org/home



Equal Opportunity Officers are available by telephone.

For assistance call (408) 993 -4840

 Email:  [email protected]

For urgent matters, EOD Management is available via cell phone:​

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Health & Hospital System- Valley Medical Center (VMC)
Reasonable Accommodations & Discrimination and Harassment Investigations
2325 Enborg Lane, Suite 1H100
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Discrimination and Harassment Investigations
700 Empey Way, Suite 100
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Social Services Agency (SSA)
333 West Julien Street, 2nd Floor
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